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Mrs. Meyer

Our 1-2 Religion class will close our study of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph and pick up with Moses in Egypt. We’ll look at a couple of maps to get our bearings and see how in Him all things held together for the Israelites…yes, even when they turned their backs on God. He is good. All the time.

Our memory verse for this week is from Exodus 14:30 and says, “Thus the Lord saved Israel that day from the hand of the Egyptians.” Parents, please continue to help your student study their memory verse for a few minutes each night. We test every Thursday!

In 3-6 art we had a project completion day last week, so we WILL start our study of color this week! We’ll look at some great Kandinsky pieces that combine line, shape, and color beautifully and then we’ll work on creating our own Kandinsky inspired piece.

Our third expository essay is almost complete. We’re learning how beginning just a couple of sentences with striking adverbs can really elevate the style of our writing. A couple of notes on this week’s spelling words and spelling in general…

3-6 th Grade Parents, We do not have a lot of time to study our spelling words in class. Please help your student remember to work on their word list for 10-15 minutes each night! We test every Friday!

5th Graders, Seven of your words were flagged as being misspelled when I typed up this list. There are a few words on the list I doubt I have used in every day speech. They are still important. Study them for a few minutes each night please, if not to better understand the skill of using contractions correctly in your writing, then to ace your test.

6th Graders, My sweet students who assured me that they knew how to correctly use those apostrophes to show possession, we’ll work on this this week. In the meantime, as you study, use the following examples to guide you.

niece’s - That is my niece’s horse. - The horse belongs to my one niece. nieces’ - Those are my nieces’ horses. - The horses belong to my nieces.

Note that “nieces” is plural and the apostrophe comes after the “s” to show that they all possess something.

nieces - My nieces came to visit to see my horse. - The nieces own nothing here, so there is no apostrophe. The horse belongs to me. They all simply came to visit.

To God Be the Glory

Mrs. Meyer