Pre-School 3 & 4

Updated: 4 days ago

Mrs. Sheryl Pugmire

Dear Parents,

Hello parents and grandparents! I hope you all enjoyed the extra day this weekend to spend how you wish! We will have a four day week this week due to the holiday.

Just so you may plan ahead a little bit, National Lutheran School Week is next week, (January 23-28) so we will all have the chance to celebrate in a fun way each day of the week by following this schedule:

Monday- Children may wear their pajamas.

Tuesday- Mix match their clothes and/or crazy hair day.

Wednesday- Dress up like a book character.

Thursday- Dress up like your favorite hero.

Friday- Dress your best.

Sunday- In church, the choir will sing special songs.

This week in preschool our letter will be "S,s". They will bring their sacks home Tuesday so they will have Tell-n-Show on Wednesday. Will you please help your child find an item to put in their sack to share with the class that begins with an "S"? They all love this lesson.

This week the Bible story is about how Jesus is caring and sharing,

and the story of how Jesus fed the 5,000, John 6:1-15. Our Bible verse we will memorize for Chapel is,

"Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good." Psalm 107:1.

This week we will begin with a fun nursery rhyme! We will read books on the alphabet throughout the week.

We are continuing our health lesson from last week on how we are to take care of our bodies, and that we have doctors to help us if we need. This week we will study some of our main body organs that help our body function and how they work.

They will get to do a little painting this week. They are still working on coloring and cutting characters for the bulletin board winter farmyard. They will play a new game with a vegetable!

They will continue to work on their letters and numbers, while our daily counting is getting close to the 100th day of school! On that day we will have a celebration!

Library will be the same this week, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending upon their schedule. Please help your child return all their books on time so they can check out new books each week.

Thank you for your support with everything! You all are awesome! If you have any questions please call me. My number is on the front of the Chatterbox.

Chapel will be Friday at 8:15-8:45am. Each of you are welcome to come and sit with your child during Chapel. If you would like them to help those in need they may bring a donation of a food item or monetary to place in the basket as they enter the sanctuary.

Thank you!

Peace, Joy, Hope,& Health,

Mrs. Pugmire