Pre-School 3 & 4

Updated: 8 hours ago

Mrs. Sheryl Pugmire

Dear Parents,

This week we will be celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week with other schools within the United States. All our students can take part by following this schedule on the front of the Chatterbox or the yellow flier we passed out last week.

Valentine's day is not far away. We will have a classroom party around 10:00 that Monday. I will call those that have volunteered to help with the party as it gets closer to time. For Valentine's Day our school will be making gift baskets for our Christian brothers and sisters that may be considered "shut-in" at this time, to spread our Christian love. The Preschool class would like to gather these items with your help. Would you consider choosing from these items for the gift baskets? Any of these: large print crossword puzzle books, mechanical pencils, or pens. You may bring them to the classroom. Thank you!! This will help teach the students how to show kindness, to care for, and to think of others that may be lonely. A flier will be sent home soon to explain what the other classes will gather.

The letter for the week is "Tat". Tell-n-Show will be on Tuesday morning. Sacks will be in their backpacks Monday. Please help your child find an item that begins with a "T" so that they can get the students to guess what it may be!

This week's Bible story is "The Good Samaritan" from Luke 10:25-37. Our Bi-ble verse is "We love because He first loved us, 1John 4:19. We will work on memorizing this verse to recite at Chapel time, Friday from 8:15-8:45am. You are invited and welcome to come join us at Chapel and you may sit with your child. If you would like, your child may bring a can of food ,or small monetary gift to place in the offering basket as we enter the sanctuary. These items will help the food pantry and disaster relief.

This week the students will have fun playing games, coloring, painting, while learning about how to help others. We will read and practice writing!

The Library will be on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on your child's schedule. Please place the library books back in their backpacks after you read them to your child. Thank you for all your support with everything

Thank you!

Peace, Joy, Hope,& Health,

Mrs. Pugmire