Pre-School 3 & 4

Updated: 12 hours ago

Mrs. Sheryl Pugmire

Welcome to Pre-K 3 & 4!

Dear Parents, I hope you all were able to enjoy the long weekend!

Monday, I will begin making phone calls to parents to let you know how your child is doing in class. This will mark our mid-quarter.

We will be doing many activities this week in class. I like to make learning fun so many of them will be new to them, while some activities will be familiar! In one of our lessons we will need a baby picture of them to share with the class. Could you please allow your child to bring one on Wednesday the 22nd? We will return the picture back in their backpack the same morning.

In another activity we would like to try making baby rattles out of a margarine container or another plastic container with a lid. Could you please allow your child to bring one? You may or may not allow your baby to play with it. It may end up being a maraca/shaker.

We take many precautions in the classroom to help keep the children clean and help them to remain healthy. We are being watchful of sickness that could be contagious. Please help us be successful by being a good judge of your child's physical condition on whether they should come to school or not. Thank you for your support!

Religion- Our Bible story: "God's Promise To Abraham" Our Bible verse is: "Beloved we are God's children now"! 1 John 3:2. We will be talking about babies a lot this week.

The letter of the week is "E,e". Tell-n-Show will be Tuesday. Help them to hide their item that begins with an "E" in the sack provided. They will tell us clues of what's in their sack so we may guess it. Then they will show us what it is!

You may have heard we have an aquarium of worms for our classroom pets! The children seem to enjoy them already! Yes, some like to hold them! Some don't.

Chapel will be Friday morning 8:15-8:45. Please come if you can. The children may bring a canned food item to donate to the needy as they come into the sanctuary.

I hope your children are enjoying their library books! They sure pick them out fast! Friday is our normal library day, however some go on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on their schedule. Thank you for your help getting their books returned weekly.

The date for the Crop Hunger Walk is nearing; September 26th! Thank you for your donations Mrs. M and Mrs. B!!! There is still time to donate at Thank you!

Please remember that we have a NUT ALLERGY in our classroom when packing your child's snack.

Peace and Health,

Mrs. Pugmire