1st & 2nd Grades

Updated: May 10

Ms. Cynthia Foster

Dear Parents,

Reading: First Grade will be reading Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery with words in book and moon (oo).

The spelling test will be on May 13, 2022 with the following words: book, moon, took, food, look, pool, zoo, noon, good, foot, because, and favorite.

Second Grade will be reading Red, White, and Blue with ending words.

The spelling test will be on May 13, 2022 with the following words: tried, trying, planned, planning, liked, liking, hiked, hiking, cried, crying, skipped, skipping, danced, dancing, replied, and replying.

Math: Second Grade will be working on writing three digit numbers in expanded form, math facts quiz, subtracting across zeros, and finding the missing addend for sums of 100.

Writing: Explanatory writing prompts and Handwriting books.

Science / Social Studies: The class will be doing some mini lessons. We will do Scholastic News lessons.

Homework: Please have your child practice their spelling words and memory work nightly. Your child should read for 20 minutes daily. Please fill out the reading log and return on Friday for a chance at the Treasure Box. Your child’s weekly math sheet is due on or before Friday.

Second Graders: Remember to practice your multiplication facts for at least five minutes.

********Mark your calendar:



May 17 - K & 1 -2 grades will walk to the public library to see Miss Jo (Children’s Librarian) LAST DAY - May 18th - 1/2 Day - Join us for Chapel

Remember jackets because the weather changes daily.


Ms. Foster

1st Grade spelling words: book moon took food look pool zoo noon good foot because favorite

2nd Grade spelling words: tried trying planned planning liked liking hiked hiking cried crying skipped skipping danced dancing replied replying